KNOW’s carefully curated content is a must-attend event for business leaders looking to stay updated on the latest innovations, emerging trends, and opportunities to create new business. Digital identity is central to every function within an organization -- from the CEO ensuring compliance with GDPR to the CMO segmenting target customers to the CRO predicting and stopping account takeovers. Read even more on the latest trends that are shaping our Programming Themes.

Onboarding the Next Billion Users

Solving for digital identity at scale remains a core challenge for both nimble startups and incumbent players alike. Explore the technological and ethical considerations required to onboard the next billion users and the operational obstacles this creates.

Deepfakes, AI, and the Future Tech that is Breaking your Defenses

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the release of nation-state caliber cyber weapons to the public have redefined the fraud and cybersecurity landscape. What are the latest fraud techniques and corresponding countermeasures, where does deepfake technology create new ethical boundaries, and how are regulators adapting?

Digital Identity Platforms and Enablers

Players across financial services, big tech, and telecommunications are racing to bring digital identity ecosystems to market, is your business ready? From identity providers and relying parties to technology enablers, join the conversation shaping the identity ecosystems poised to have an impact far beyond 2020.

Trust and Safety at Scale

Managing risk is evolving beyond regulatory compliance and fraud mitigation. Today, establishing trust is fundamental to maintaining customer relationships. How is alternative data shaping this new landscape, what does it take to build a world-class trust & safety team, and are regulators poised to step into the vacuum?

Surveillance Economy and Data Privacy

Data privacy is the battleground on which the next digital identity war is being fought. Are privacy and security mutually exclusive? Will user-centric data models hamper identity inclusion and handicap the development of revolutionary new products? Join the conversation set to shape the next 20 years of digital identity products.

The Future of PII in Healthcare

The exponential growth of patient healthcare data and its application to personalized medicine has outpaced the development of ethical and regulatory frameworks. How can we preserve patient privacy while ensuring the highest standards of care and continuing to foster innovative new treatments?

Closing the Inclusion Gaps

With financial inclusion as a key priority across developed and developing markets alike, exactly how to achieve inclusion at scale remains a subject of debate. What roles do policy and technology have in closing the gap, and is a higher risk of fraud a necessary tradeoff?

A World Without Cookies

Global regulators, shifting consumer attitudes towards privacy, and advances in "do not track" browser technology are pushing the cookie as we know it towards extinction. Are GDPR and CCPA just the beginning, and will the consumer experience suffer as a result?

The New Economics of Identity

Long considered a cost center, identity has emerged as a core engine for economic growth as next-generation ecosystems unlock the potential of new identity business models. Explore technology's impact on identity's core economic models, the effects of new regulations, and how investors are taking advantage.

From Open Banking to Open Everything

Open APIs are redefining what it means to be a financial institution. What lessons can we learn from the approaches taken to open banking in markets across the globe, and how might they be applied to digital identity?

The Future of IAM

Whether bringing current systems up to industry-standard or boldly going where no enterprise has gone before, identity and access management is where the rubber meets the road with regard to digital identity. Understand the technologies tasked with implementing the next generation of digital identity ecosystems.

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KNOW’s carefully curated content is a must-attend event for
business leaders looking to stay updated on the latest innovation,
emerging trends, and opportunities to create new business.


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