Talking KYC in NYC – June KNOW Identity Forum Recap on Banking and Onboarding

When we talk with clients and KNOW attendees about their most pressing challenges, onboarding frequently tops the list. So on Thursday, June 27th, we got together with 50 professionals from across the NYC identity and financial services community to compare notes about building KYC and onboarding that actually works – both for banks and their […]

KNOW Your Customer: Spotlight on Digital Onboarding

When we build programming for KNOW Identity every year, KYC, IDV, and digital onboarding are among the most requested topics. At KNOW 2019 this past year, “Saner, Safer Onboarding” featuring Wells Fargo and Mitek was one of our best-attended panels. As a group, we in the KNOW Identity community clearly have some unresolved issues around […]