Trace Fooshee

Aite Group
Senior Analyst
Trace Fooshee

Oh My Fraud, Becky…Baby Got Hacked!
Monday, April 6th, Room One

Trace Fooshée is a senior analyst in Aite Group’s Fraud & AML practice, covering a variety of topics related to fraud and identity. Mr. Fooshée’s background includes more than four years of experience as a management consultant for Ernst & Young and Deloitte and more than 11 years with SunTrust Bank where he served in a variety of roles but most recently as Head of Fraud Strategy. As a fraud strategist for SunTrust he was responsible for developing, managing, and articulating strategic investments and transformation initiatives that sought to improve the balance between loss prevention, client experience, and operational expense. Mr. Fooshée has been an active member in various industry groups including the ABA and the Bank Policy Institute’s BITS Fraud Reduction Steering Committee.