Tony Fitzgibbon

Data Zoo
Tony Fitzgibbon KNOW Identity 2020

Financial lnclusion without Borders: Private Sector Approaches to Public Sector Problems
Tuesday, April 7th, Room Two

Data Zoo was founded in 2011 by Chief Executive Officer, Tony Fitzgibbon. He is a Data Management Specialist who has more than 25 years of expertise in electronic Identity Verification (eIDV). Data Zoo works globally with industries that must comply to international and local regulations according to verification sanctions, these include: Anti-Money Laundering, Counter Terrorism and Know Your Customer, which work collectively to reduce fraud.
Tony has owned and operated two extremely successful businesses within the data industry. The first, ASIS (MOS Data) focussed on the creation of a unique consumer and business marketing database and was sold to Acxiom, an Internationally based company.
The second, FCS OnLine saw him produce an innovative ID verification system – the first of its kind in Australia. Additionally, FCS OnLine created an original concept for AML / CTF compliance and collections services, and was the chief provider of AML / ID services until its sale to Dunn and Bradstreet.
Now as the leading supplier of eIDV screening solutions globally, Data Zoo specialises in the Asia-Pacific region and has offices based in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines and China. Tony Fitzgibbon directs his regional business enterprises from his base in North Sydney and Singapore.