Ted Wang

Cowboy Ventures
General Partner
Ted Wang

Identity’s Next Top Business Model
Monday, April 6th, Room One

Ted has spent his career helping start ups ranging from a founding team with an idea to the world’s largest technology companies. He has particular expertise in consumer facing products having worked with companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Square, Sonos, Spotify and Jet. Ted also has deep experience with enterprise, having spent time with companies such as Zuora, Apprio, Blue Kai and Adap.tv. He is also involved with a new generation of category defying innovative companies such as AltSchool, Honor, Gusto, Satellogic, Samsara, Stripe and Wealthfront.

As a leading silicon valley lawyer, Ted created the Series Seed Documents – a set of open sourced financing documents posted on Github. From the boardroom of the best startup companies, he learned from the best and the brightest founders, investors and outside advisors. Enthusiastic and intellectually curious, Ted’s goal is to share these learnings with young companies to help them succeed.

Prior to Cowboy, Ted was a partner at the law firm of Fenwick & West where he was recognized as one of the country’s leading technology lawyers. Ted is a Duke Blue Devil, a wandering traveler, a devotee of live music, a low skill but high energy outdoorsman, and an overly emotionally committed local sports fan. He practices a philosophy of basking in the joy of life and trying to squeezing as much out of every moment as possible. He has two children, a patient and understanding wife, and a crazy dog named Charlie.