Susan Stover

FindBiometrics / Mobile ID World
VP of Digital Content
Susan Stover - Biometrics

That Human Touch: Diversity in Biometrics
Tuesday, April 7th, Room Two (122)

Susan Stover, FindBiometrics, VP of Digital Content works to drive the conversation forward for all things identity and biometrics. In addition to bringing biometrics and identity to the world’s biggest vertical market conferences including Money 20/20, Money 20/20 Europe, Mobile World Congress, HIMSS, and ISC West, Susan works to highlight the industry’s top providers and thought leaders through conducting in-depth interviews, podcasts, featured content, and the FindBiometrics Directory, the world’s most comprehensive biometrics directory. With a background in digital marketing and communication, Susan is avidly curious to find the latest technology trends and industry leaders in the biometric and mobile identification sectors.