Simeon Beal

One World Identity

Identity, the Final Frontier: Scaling Onboarding around the World
Monday, April 6th, Room Two (122)

Simeon is a driving force behind KNOW Identity’s regional forums. As a Director at OWI, Simeon is focused on industry reporting, product strategy, and he leverages his expertise to bring ‘hot topics’ to identity professional across the country.

At OWI, Simeon manages a team of product strategy consultants, focused on design and implementation of digital products. He also assists OWI’s research team, developing reporter and whitepapers. His main areas of focus are:

  • Mobile Identity
  • International Affairs
  • Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Market Intelligence and Research
  • Smart Cities and IoT

Prior to OWI, Simeon was an experienced associate in the risk assurance practice at PwC, with a primary focus on regulatory compliance in the Banking and Capital Markets sector.

Simeon has received bachelor degrees in Philosophy and Accounting from Binghamton University. In his free time, Simeon can be found wandering around in NYC most likely reading a book in one of its many beautiful parks.