Sean Frazier

Duo Security
Advisory CISO - Federal
Sean Frazier, KNOW Identity conference Duo Security CISO

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Moat: Identity-Centric Product Management
Tuesday, April 7th, Room One (121)

Sean Frazier is the Advisory CISO for the Duo Security Federal Team. Sean was previously Federal CTO for Mobileiron and worked on many public sector security projects (most he can’t talk about) while @ companies like Cisco/Ironport, Loudcloud/Opware & Netscape.

Sean’s area(s) of expertise are many but the top ones are email security, mobility security and identity security having worked on projects in these areas across all of DOD and IC (intelligence community) and most of CIV (civilian). Sean has also worked closely with many VC’s and startups in silicon valley (mostly security focused but not always).

Sean blogs and writes for Duo and has many speaking engagements over his career (too many to count).
Sean lives in the San Francisco bay area and on Southwest planes.