Ryan Gosling

Head of Partnerships and Business Development
Ryan Gosling Callsign

Artificial (Lack of) Intelligence? An Exploration in Ethics
Monday, April 6th, Room Three (123)

Ryan Gosling is the Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Callsign. He is responsible for furthering Callsign’s presence and influence into various markets as well as emphasize the company’s mission across multiple industries. Ryan initially joined Callsign as the Digital Identity Senior Product Owner, responsible for authentication and digital identity strategy. He also worked closely with mobile network operators, banks, government and police to enhance identity capabilities and protect our customers from fraudsters and other threats.

Prior to Callsign, Ryan managed Mobile Banking Fraud at Lloyds Banking Group – the UK’s largest online financial institution, with responsibility for mobile fraud and loss prevention, as well as the bank’s mobile authentication strategy. In this role, he was focused on ensuring a frictionless customer journey, while keeping consumers safe and secure online. Ryan previously spent 4 years in Digital Fraud & Security Group and 2 years in Corporate Banking.