Nathan Rowe

Evident ID
Chief Product Officer
Nathan Rowe Evident ID

Who is Regulating Trust & Safety? Can Markets Regulate Themselves?
Tuesday, April 7th, Room Three (123)

Nathan Rowe, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Evident, received a BS from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Computer Engineering and has more than 15 years of practical experience in information technology, enterprise software strategy, and product management in the identity, security, networking, and wireless technology industries. Prior to Evident, Nathan led strategy and product management teams at AirDefense and at Motorola Solutions that oversaw wireless intrusion prevention, network management, mobile shopper engagement initiatives, and intelligence-led public safety. This robust background in information technology and security served as preparation for his burgeoning career in the identity space. At Evident, Nathan leads innovative new product development for the industry’s most trusted identity and credential verification platform, with a focus on design and functionality as key drivers for success. Nathan maintains a customer-centric mindset to understanding needs and proof points –– his ability to think innovatively about combining existing modules with new technology to positively impact his customers’ lives is buoyed by his zeal to achieve what’s never been done before. Nathan’s mission at Evident is to develop the world’s most secure and comprehensive verification platform where companies and people can seamlessly share data without increasing friction or compromising their privacy.