Mike Kiser

Senior Identity Strategist, Office of the CTO
Mike Kiser KNOW Identity 2020

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Moat: Identity-Centric Product Management
Tuesday, April 7th, Room One (121)

Mike Kiser is currently a Senior Strategist in the Office of the CTO. He has held a panoply of security roles over the past 20 years, in which he has designed, directed, and advised on large-scale security deployments for a global clientele. He is obsessed with identity’s role in security and is the co-host of a podcast illuminating all things identity. He speaks regularly at events such as the European Identity Conference, is a member of several working groups and recently presented identity-related research at Black Hat and Def Con. He warmly embraces the notion that security is more of a state of mind than a destination.