Louie Gasparini

Entrepreneur in Residence
Louie Gasparini

Planet of the APIs: a Market-Driven Approach to Open Banking
Monday, April 6th, Room Four (124)

Louie Gasparini is CEO of Covault and an entrepreneur-in-residence at BBVA, working on identity-related efforts for the financial services company. He has been with BBVA since 2015. Gasparini experience in identity spans many years, beginning with the start of the internet. In 1996, while with Wells Fargo, he oversaw the first online banking experience offered by a major bank as Senior Vice President of Internet Distribution Systems. Gasparini then started PassMark Security, a company aimed at user and site authentication. In 2006, Passmark was acquired by RSA, where Gasparini remained as Chief Technology Officer. He then formed a second startup called SafePage, which merged with SafeBank to form Personal Capital, a company disrupting the investment world with on-line tools, personal investment advisers and investment offerings. Gasparini attended the University of San Francisco.