Jen Field

Senior Solutions Architect
Jen Field KNOW Identity 2020

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Moat: Identity-Centric Product Management
Tuesday, April 7th, Room One (121)

Over ten years ago, when Microsoft decided that PKI and the directory should converge, Jen moved from her role in the core operating systems division, where she was a Program Manager for Windows Server Certificate Services, to what would become the Azure Active Directory team. Since then she has developed a wide-ranging knowledge of how credentials and tokens – symmetric and asymmetric, bound and bearer – can be used to address security, privacy, and user experience challenges. As a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft she worked to ship features like OAuth support, MFA, and Windows Hello for Business integration with Active Directory Federation Services, as well as some of the first password-less flows in the industry. Now a member of the Solutions Architecture and Alliances team at Yubico, she continues her mission to ensure auth is as secure and as easy as it can be.