Izak Mutlu

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Izak Mutlu

Too Fast, Too Furious: Keeping Pace with Adversarial Technologies
Tuesday, April 7th, Room Four (124)

For the last three years, Izak Mutlu has been advising several security startups and a handful of VCs. He has been helping them with their value proposition, strategies on how to position on front of CISOs, introductions to peers and co-hosting private events for them. Prior to that, for eleven years Izak was the Vice President of Information Security at Salesforce. As the CISO he was responsible for managing globally the information security activities, including architecture, design, implementation, and operations. Izak was instrumental in getting Salesforce globally fully certified with the ISO 27001 international standard, as well as the PCI, US Government FedRamp and several other certifications. He also created the Customer Security
Advisory Council, regularly meeting with hundreds of customers around the world every year to share the security and compliance roadmap and hear customers’ requirements in these areas.

Previously, Izak was the Chief Information Security Officer at Silicon Graphics and Solectron, responsible for setting up security organizations for both companies worldwide. At Solectron, he was also the Senior IT Director and was responsible for the negotiation of a $1.8 billion outsourcing deal for managing infrastructure and applications and networking for the entire company.

Izak co-created the Bay Area CSO Council, a group of 35+ CISOs from the largest companies in the San Francisco Bay Area aiming at sharing best practices and security-related intelligence information among peers. He was the President of this group for more than a dozen years. He is still involved with this group and holds a Board position.

Izak has over forty years of information systems, security, networking, and telecommunications experience. He has also held senior positions with EDS, Amdahl, and Philips Semiconductor. Izak has an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Massachusetts and also holds a CISM security certification.