Heather Dahl

Heather Dahl - CEO of Sovrin

Big Tech Energy: Silicon Valley’s Role in Digital Identity
Monday, April 6th, Room One (121)

Heather is widely-respected as a thought leader in technology and media with over 25 years of strategic leadership experience in newsrooms, multinational corporations, and high-tech startups. Since becoming CEO in 2018, Heather has led the Sovrin Foundation through its most significant period of growth, overseeing the development of Sovrin into a global network for decentralized identity on six continents. Heather has been instrumental in building a thriving self-sovereign identity development community through the creation of the Sovrin Alliance, and she has, in tandem with investment firm Hard Yaka, spearheaded the launch of an incubator in San Francisco for the next generation of decentralized identity solutions, which will see its first cohort of companies and projects in the fall of 2019.

Heather’s leadership, and focus on the importance of decentralization and privacy, has led to global recognition for the Foundation, which included the 2019 KNOW Award for Greatest Social Impact from independent identity research company One World Identity.

Previously, Heather was the Founder and CEO of two tech startups, the Director of Global Analyst Relations for Neustar, an identity resolution technology company, and Analyst Relations program manager at one of the Big Four accounting firms.

Before her career in technology, She held leadership roles in network news organizations, including PBS NewsHour, NPR, Fox News Channel, C-SPAN, and Public Radio International. She was elected by her peers in broadcast journalism to serve as Chairman of the Congressional Radio & TV Correspondents Association and Chairman of the Board for the National Press Foundation. Heather also served on the staff of U.S. Senator Gordon H. Smith from her home state of Oregon.

She has a Masters of Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University, a Masters of Science from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, and a Bachelors of Arts from Willamette University.