Harsheen Khandpur

Global Data Consortium
Senior Product Engineer
Harsheen Khandpur

Identity, the Final Frontier: Scaling Onboarding around the World
Monday, April 6th, Room Two (122)

Harsheen is a senior engineer on the product team at Global Data Consortium (GDC). GDC’s cloud-based platform, Worldview, provides identity verification as a service allowing businesses to verify their customer’s identity. GDC’s Worldview platform provides a global solution to reducing friction during customer onboarding while still complying with regulatory, privacy and money laundering guidelines in over
50 markets.

Harsheen came to GDC with a deep understanding of the nuances around different global markets having travelled to over 20 countries. From India to Portugal, she has successfully deployed 50+ data sources to the platform to expand Worldview’s coverage. In the process, Harsheen has become an industry expert on identity verification, involving complex data sets, and in challenging markets.

She has advised large financial institutions on the deployment of identity verification in onboarding customers, and in the process worked to customize deployments to the specific country requirements and expectations in AML and KYC regulations.

Harsheen’ s experience has expanded the reach of Worldview and allowed GDC to better accommodate customer electronic identity verification needs on a global scale.

She holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison.