Filip Verley

Senior Product Manager
Filip Verley

Big Tech Energy: Silicon Valley’s Role in Digital Identity
Monday, April 6th, Room One (121)

Trust but Verify: the Future of KYC
Monday, April 6th, Room Two (122)

Filip finds solutions for the merger of the physical and digital worlds, and its impact on identity. In his current role with Google, Filip works on Federated Identity. Identity is key to all online and offline transactions and interactions. How do we help users navigate these waters while finding the right balance between trust, convenience and privacy. Filip is also a Senior Advisor to OWI. In this role, he is responsible for building partnerships, curating the conversation around identity and educating the industry about the importance of this topic. Previously, Filip worked at Airbnb on identity. This is one of the company’s most critical missions. Filip has a masters degree in criminal justice from Florida State University, grew up in Belgium, has a growing family, and he enjoys action movies and sports.