Diane Joyce

Identity Consultant
Diane Joyce

Tales from the Cryptographic Hash: the Latest on SSI & DLT
Monday, April 6th, Room Four (124)

Diane is an innovator, committed to providing end users of digital technology with an experience built on security, convenience and transparency.

Diane has been pivotal in the creation of the UK’s Digital Citizen programme, from providing thought leadership, architecture design and technical direction across all aspects of digital identity development.

Diane has worked with both public and private sector organisations to set the strategy for standardisation of the way in which identities are assured and asserted. This has included working with UK government to establish a pan-government community for identity and advising IDAM vendors on how to achieve secure and scalable identity federation.

Diane was included in the One World Identity Top 100 Leaders in Identity 2019. She sits as a voluntary Board member on the Executive Team of Women in Identity, a not for profit organisation determined to ensure that digital identity products developed FOR everyone are developed BY everyone.