Daniel Dabrowski

Capital One
Head of Strategic Initiatives
Daniel Dabrowski KNOW Identity 2020

Identity, the Final Frontier: Scaling Onboarding around the World
Monday, April 6th, Room Two (122)

Dan Dabrowski works in business development at Capital One supporting internal lines of business and external identity services to align individual needs with the broader strategic vision. He focuses on the delivery of context-specific best practices based on balancing deep industry experience across an array of technology partnerships, business value and risk assessments, consumer research, and government and industry relations, with the ultimate goal of re-centering the digital human experience around security, convenience, transparency, consent and inclusion.
Prior to to Capital One, Dan served as Director of Business Development at Confirm.io (acquired by Facebook, 2018) and has over 15 years of experience with security, identity, biometrics, customer, and financial technology in a variety of roles.