Chris Carter

Chris Carter

Explain it to Me Like I’m 5: an Interactive Workshop to Prepare for CCPA
Sunday, April 5th, Room One (121)

Chris is the CTO at Sentinel, a data privacy technology company focused on tackling the intersection of technology and privacy in every organization. He is also the Vice President of Technology for Blueprint Technologies a nationwide technology solutions firm focused on driving innovation to production. He specializes in the practical application of emerging technology and establishing new data platforms across numerous industries. He has widespread experience helping companies evolving through effective use of technology and building modern, strategic assets that prepare them for successful growth and new opportunities. He has deep experience in both the enterprise and the startup worlds, having implemented data platforms in traditional enterprise environments and modern IoT-driven predictive analytics alike.

In the data privacy space, Chris works to effective strategies and technology products that help organizations of all sizes turn new and emerging privacy challenges from areas of risk into new market opportunities.