Charles Walton

SVP, Digital Identity
Charlie Walton

Mastercard Special Keynote Announcement
Tuesday, April 7th, Keynote Room / Boulevard Ballroom

Charles is responsible for a major new global business within Mastercard focused upon digital identity services. This involves platform & service definition, go-to-market strategy, and associated partnership strategies within our target markets.

Prior to joining Mastercard, he was responsible for government related digital identity services within Idemia which included development of a company strategy along with initial country digital identity ecosystem establishment in bringing the UK Verify standard into the private sector. Prior, he was CEO of Toronto-based SecureKey and responsible for the launch and growth of the SecureKey Concierge Network, a federated authentication system based upon bank, mobile network operator, and government collaboration in the Canadian market.

Most of Charles’ career has been focused on innovation and product development in the information security industry. As COO for Aix-en-Provence based INSIDE Secure, he was responsible for business strategy, product strategy and development, and launch of new security relevant semiconductor products for the bank card, physical access control, and NFC mobile device markets. His early career included the founding of Caradas, a security services company in the bankcard industry; COO at Certco which was the founding ground for the bank security consortium Identrus; founder of the GTE Cybertrust PKI business; and multiple roles in large-scale secure system development at GTE for Navy and NSA in the US.

Charles holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic in Troy, New York. He currently lives near Boston, MA.