On Monday, May 6th the KNOW Identity roadshow kicked off in style at Airbnb headquarters in beautiful San Francisco. This first KNOW Identity Forum of 2019, “Innovation in Identity: Trust and Safety for Marketplaces” focused on the crucial elements of building trust in transactions that span the physical and digital worlds. Speakers from Airbnb, Consult Hyperion, Wells Fargo, Stripe, Visa, and Berbix joined OWI moderators on stage to talk through the challenges they face in building trusted, secure, and consumer-friendly interactions, then stuck around to continue the conversation with the 100+ identity industry professionals in the crowd.

The afternoon began with a live State of Identity podcast recording featuring host Cameron D’Ambrosi chatting about the current state of trust and safety with Consult Hyperion’s Dave Birch and Airbnb product manager Angeli Jain. One recurring theme was the distinction between identity and reputation – Jain pointed out that the two are interrelated and integral to building trust, but too often conflated. Birch also made the case that the identity industry has developed the technology we need to ensure trust – but interoperability across contexts remains the hurdle that we as a community still must overcome. To hear their full conversation along with more great industry content, subscribe to the State of Identity podcast feed.

Airbnb’s Policy Privacy Counsel Polina Zvyagina then took the stage to shed some light on the compliance and data protection elements underpinning trust. She emphasized transparency as a fundamental building block of trust and safety. Educating consumers about why data is being collected, how it will be used, and with whom it will be shared is necessary in order to simultaneously achieve trust and privacy.

Finally, the programming wrapped up with an expert panel addressing what has long been seen as the fundamental balancing act of digital transactions: fraud versus friction. OWI’s Kaelyn Lowmaster was joined by Karen Mok from Stripe, Visa’s Steve Bankston, Berbix Co-Founder Steve Kirkham, and Wells Fargo’s Peggy Mangot for a conversation that focused on changing the narrative around friction. Our basic transactions have come a long way from the decidedly more “friction-ful” interactions of face-to-face account opening, and today’s consumers are not only tolerant of, but demanding of more robust authentication processes to ensure their safety. The panel closed with a call for more active communication between the private sector and policy community to create and regulate identity and information-sharing standards across industries.

Many thanks to the speakers and KNOW Identity community who participated in this event, and we’re grateful to Airbnb and Consult Hyperion for their support. We look forward to seeing you at our next KNOW Identity Forum in New York on June 13th!

For more information about upcoming KNOW Identity Forums and how to get involved, please visit our website or contact us directly at info@oneworldidentity.com.