Who attends KNOW?

KNOW Identity is designed to be an inclusive conference. From CEOs to software engineers, we guarantee there is a session that aligns with your goals and priorities. KNOW Identity is a four-day conference, featuring five brand new programming tracks: Data Economy, Inclusion, Risk & Compliance, Security, and User Experience.

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Who attends KNOW Identity

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attends our show:

The Visionaries:

Leaders, at the helm of their business, require big ideas, market trends, and strategic vision. Last year, 27% of our attendees were C-suite executives! KNOW Identity offers industry-led panels, fireside chats, and executive roundtables to learn from like-minded leaders and contribute to a global conversation.

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Compliance Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Chief Strategy and Innovation Officers
  • Chief Security Officers

The Governance, Risk, and Compliance Heroes:

It’s no easy feat making risk and compliance a competitive advantage. Learn how successful organizations across the sharing economy, healthcare, and financial services are managing customer data to effectively gauge risk, curb fraud, and build a lasting legacy of trust with users and regulators alike. This year, KNOW Identity has an entire track dedicated to Risk & Compliance, creating space to talk about complex issues, from the latest regulatory trends to dynamic verification to synthetic identity fraud.

  • Risk & Compliance Professionals
  • Data Protection and Privacy Officers
  • Ethics Officers
  • Fraud Prevention Professionals
  • Trust & Safety Professionals

Fearless Security Leaders:

Breaches, hacks, and leaks are more damaging than ever, and no organization is immune. How will yours respond? Security leaders manage access and authentication, and ensure that an organization’s functional aspects minimize risk. This year, KNOW Identity has an entire track dedicated to Security that will dive deep on how to build a sustainable digital security infrastructure to safeguard your organization’s digital and physical assets

  • IAM Professionals
  • Information Security Professionals

Amazing Architects and Engineering Pros:

Architects and engineers are the builders, pioneering identity ecosystems fit for the new, digital economy. The technologies behind identity solutions are complex and, well, technical. KNOW Identity features masterclasses, debates, and tech demos that can shed light on the latest trends in identity product development.

  • Data Scientists & Data Engineers
  • Engineers & Developers
  • Enterprise & Security Architects

Creative Product Managers, UX & Interactive Designers:

Are you dreaming and building a better identity experience? From enabling travelers to skip the airport lines to providing tailored customer experiences based on insights to building secure IoT devices, identity visionaries are building experiences fit for the digital economy. This year, KNOW Identity has an entire track dedicated to UX, creating a space for professionals to share how companies are attracting and retaining customers by leveraging data and minimizing friction, all while maintaining trust and compliance.

  • Product Managers
  • UX and Interactive Designers
  • Marketing Professionals

Social Do-Gooders & Financial Inclusionaries:

Do you envision identity solutions as a means to improve economic development, financial inclusion, public health, personal safety, and quality of life? KNOW Identity explores how both legacy players and innovative newcomers are using identity data to improve products, promote inclusion, enhance transaction efficiency, and generate value for the next billion users. This year, KNOW Identity has two entire tracks dedicated to Inclusion and the Data Economy, creating a space for professionals to solve the toughest issues around creating, owning, sharing, and protecting our digital selves.

  • Development Organization Program Managers
  • Executive Directors

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