KNOW Identity offers dynamic and varied options when it comes to our programming. Whether you’re attending to learn from industry experts, hear the latest success stories or copacetic partnerships, there is a format and topic available to you during the conference. Check out our agenda session formats below for more details!


Moderated Panel

A discussion-oriented panel, with a moderator and a carefully constructed group of panelists, is an engaging format for exploring important industry topics in an informal and dynamic manner. Our panels are for both finding common ground and, more importantly, constructively disagreeing. We prioritize highlighting diverse perspectives across different stakeholders. Q&A from the audience at the end of the panel is encouraged.


The gloves are coming off! Our structured debates are intended to challenge conventional wisdom by allowing two teams of two debaters to go head-to-head with the “other side” on the merits of an argument. The 45-minute sessions are facilitated by a moderator and include 3 rounds: opening statements, rebuttals, and audience Q&A. Back by popular demand, KNOW Identity debates are organized to tackle some of the more challenging questions facing the industry. 


Edu Workshops 101

Edu workshops are professional development classes intended to provide foundational skills within the domain of digital identity. These sessions will be informative as well as accessible to a wide range of audiences, allowing those who are just starting their careers or simply needing to brush up their skills to both enjoy.

Master Classes

Master classes are professional development workshops intended to build upon foundational content with technical content and/or advanced theory. These are our 102 version of the Edu Workshops, a step above in depth and breadth  for an audience with a functional knowledge of digital identity concepts. 


Real-World Case Studies

Case study sessions are deep dives into real-world instances of technology being used to effectively solve an organization’s business challenges. These formats may include a vendor and a featured customer or a partnership of multiple identity solutions.


Town Halls

In these informal, discussion-oriented presentations, the audience drives the agenda! In the weeks leading up to the conference, we will crowdsource questions on each subject area. Check back often for ways to get involved! A moderator will curate the list and flow of the audience submissions and engage a small group of experts in a real-time Q&A. 


Hosted Roundtables

Part education, part networking event, roundtables provide an exclusive environment conducive to more in-depth conversations and peer knowledge sharing. Roundtables offer organizations the opportunity to collaborate with fellow industry executives, exchange business strategies, and build new relationships in a relaxed atmosphere.

Fireside Chats

These intimate, one-on-one discussions provide an unplugged and in-depth take from a single speaker. These sessions will feature a single moderator prompting a conversation with an industry expert to draw out key insights and actionable steps from digital identity’s brightest minds.



Listen to featured voices on KNOW Identity’s biggest stage! These solo presentations will offer core messages that can be applied cross-industry. Keynote speakers will be prominent, even controversial, players in the industry who can reveal truly unique understandings of the world around them.

Podcast Recordings

A select few of our recorded speaker sessions will be released as State of Identity podcast episodes following the event. It’s a great way to catch content you missed of relive the magic of being onsite and hearing it live! Moderated by our on-staff host, Cameron D’Ambrosi, these one-on-one interviews will capture unique voices in the digital identity space.