Curated, substantive content is what KNOW Identity is KNOWn for (that, and our puns, of course). This year we’re introducing five brand new programming tracks that will span the biggest and most relevant identity topics impacting your business. 

The Identity Transformation 

This is our fourth year hosting KNOW Identity! Since we hosted our inaugural event, the way people think about identity has changed. Identity was once a by-product of other industries, a sidebar to access management or security conversations. Yet, as our conference has grown, the appetite for identity has grown alongside it. 

Identity matters; it is the foundation for everything we do. Identity has always been important, but companies and organizations are finally realizing how essential identity is to an organization’s overall health, not just to access management and security functions. As more and more interactions, both commercial and social, move online, identity is how people and organizations establish a presence in the digital world. This means getting digital identity right is critical even as digital identity continues to evolve. KNOW Identity programming is getting an upgrade to stay ahead of the curve.  

What makes KNOW content different? 

At KNOW Identity, our goal is to bring identity leaders together to discuss these challenges and solutions. We want to start thoughtful, provocative conversations and spur constructive partnerships that move the identity industry forward. We want people to learn more about the field and collaborate on solutions because no one company can tackle identity alone. The tracks we’re announcing will guide us as we put together keynotes, master classes, and panels designed to facilitate the most actionable, forward-thinking conversations in the identity space.  

Content is the heart of our conference. We’re not a pay-to-play show. If you see someone on the KNOW Identity stage, it’s because they’re the most qualified, most interesting speakers. Our programming highlights the everyday identity superheroes in the KNOW community, who are the driving force behind our conference content. Plus, KNOW Identity is hosted by OWI, an advisory and consulting firm that focuses exclusively on real-world identity issues. Our content is curated by true experts in the industry who have a first-hand understanding of the challenges organizations around the world are facing as they explore and implement identity, privacy, and security initiatives. 

Without further delay, here are our conference tracks for 2020. 

The 2020 Track Reveal 

Risk & Compliance – Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) teams are at the core of data management. In the digital age, companies collect and protect unprecedented amounts of data. This data can be a valuable business asset, but it is also an enormous liability. In addition, a series of new legal frameworks, from targeted rules like COPPA and HIPAA to sweeping regimes like CCPA and GDPR, govern how these teams do their jobs. Reliable compliance depends on effective digital identity.  

The Risk & Compliance Track is dedicated to frank dialogue about the complex issues facing GRC teams, ranging from synthetic identity fraud to strong customer authentication to remote onboarding. These teams are dealing with more data than ever before, and they’re under a spotlight. We’re bringing GRC professionals together to discuss how to make compliance a competitive advantage and help the entire industry support thoughtful regulations that will create a real impact. 


User Experience – Identity is fundamentally about people. The profound impact of user experience is one thing that distinguishes identity from other industries. Identity processes can be complex, with endless options for authentication factors, configuration, and data management. But at the end of the day, identity products protect people, and all the innovation and technology must translate to the everyday consumer. 

The User Experience Track is about more than just convenience and design. It’s an opportunity for everyone building identity products, from architects to product managers, to focus on the human components of identity technology. In this track, experts will address how to bridge gaps between technology and target users, whether they’re customers, employees, general citizens, or patients. User experience is about creating digital identity tools that are accessible for everyone.


Security – The faster that digital tools and technology advance, the faster security threats evolve to threaten our data integrity. As our personal and professional lives are increasingly online, breaches and other threats are pervasive. The ability to prevent and recover from adverse events is critical.  

The Cybersecurity Track is dedicated to addressing these threats, head-on. This year we’ve seen a spike in ransomware with damages already on track to hit $11.5B by the end of the year. This track is about how organizations face, deter, and recover from threats like these. The track also explores practical tools through an identity lens, like cloud security and zero trust architecture, making sure businesses have the tools to deal with the next challenge on the horizon. 


Inclusion – In our modern world, identity equals access. Yet, over a billion people around the world still lack legally recognizable identification. Without a digital identity, people can be denied access to banking, public services, and other crucial functions. Many companies are dedicated to creating tools that open up access for these specific populations, but no one can solve this problem alone. 

The Inclusion Track is specifically for digital identity technology that is designed to expand identity solutions that give people the tools to engage in the digital economy. This track will introduce people to leading identity tools, like blockchain-powered technology, new government programs, mobile identity, self-sovereign solutions, and more, making it easier for people around the world to participate in the digital economy. 


Data Economy – Without stopping to think about the consequences, people have moved essential pieces of their lives online. From Amazon to Facebook to Google, tech behemoths have a powerful, almost unfathomable, amount of our personal data. But the “techlash” is already in full swing, and both consumers and regulators are warier than ever about the way personal data is exchanged.

The Data Economy Track is all about finding a balance between innovation and privacy. It’s no surprise that there is a market for personal data: it offers amazing insights into consumer behavior and can be used to build novel programs that benefit real people. This track will explore the new economy around personal information, defining the parameters of user ownership and projecting the future for value exchange around our digital selves. 

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