KNOW’s carefully curated content is a must-attend event for business leaders looking to stay updated on the latest innovations, emerging trends, and opportunities to create new business. Digital identity is central to every function within an organization -- from the CEO ensuring compliance with GDPR to the CMO segmenting target customers to the CRO predicting and stopping account takeovers.


Risk & Compliance

PSD2. eIDAS. KYC. CCPA. GDPR. SCA. HIPAA. Man, do we love a good acronym. The Risk & Compliance track goes beyond the alphabet soup course to dig into the meat of emerging regulatory regimes. KNOW 2020 prioritizes frank dialogue between policymakers, legal experts, and solution providers to help your organization turn compliance into competitive advantage and to support the broader identity community in advocating for regulations that work.

User Experience

UX is about more than slick design or simple convenience - it's the key to whether or not the systems you build and security measures you implement will actually be successful for your organization. The KNOW 2020 User Experience track will get hands-on with the architects, planners, and product managers creating platforms that actually achieve adoption at scale, from biometrics at the border to digital onboarding. We'll also take a critical look at the gaps that still remain.



Your organization faces constant security threats. How are you responding? In the KNOW 2020 Security track, we look at cybersecurity, IAM, and incident response through the lens of identity. The perimeter is dead, and your business has to efficiently manage identities to protect users, employees, digital assets, and physical spaces. Learn from the experts how to build a sustainable digital security infrastructure.


Identity is access - to travel, healthcare, the financial system, and more - and it should work for everyone. The Inclusion track at KNOW 2020 investigates the policies, tools, and technologies that are being deployed to expand the frontiers of effective identity. Here, you'll meet the leaders opening new markets, expanding economic development, and improving quality of life for billions.


Data Economy

The internet's grand bargain - data for "free" services - is under scrutiny like never before. A more educated consumer population is keen to harness the power of their digital identities, and regulators around the world are setting new rules for data-driven value exchange. The Data Economy track at KNOW 2020 will give your company the chance to be a proactive, productive participant in the evolving market around digital identity.

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KNOW’s carefully curated content is a must-attend event for
business leaders looking to stay updated on the latest innovation,
emerging trends, and opportunities to create new business.


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