We created the KNOW Identity Conference with the mission of convening the world’s smartest minds and most influential organizations across identity to learn from each other, make sense of this nebulous landscape, and meet a few interesting people along the way (achievement unlocked)! Perhaps what we didn’t realize is just how far discussions around digital identity have come…and how far they have yet to go.

This year’s conference attracted both industry newbies and KNOWbies alike. We had the pioneers of biometrics and zero trust architectures in the same room with folks who never considered themselves to be in the identity game until their job demanded it of them. Having one large community event just didn’t feel enough to propel necessary dialogue around our fragmented identity infrastructure.

The solutions to these challenges are far greater than any one government, technology provider, or industry event. So, how do we foster more collaboration or even cooperation across this growing community? There are already some great organizations working toward that mission – IDPro does a nice job of this with their Slack channel, as does Women in Identity with regional meet-ups, for example. But we want to do our part, too, to build community and shed light on unexplored corners of the space.

KNOW Identity Forums

To keep the momentum flowing, we are introducing KNOW Identity Forums in the run-up to KNOW Identity 2020 in Las Vegas. These half-day regional summits are curated to promote targeted industry discussion and personalized networking in your local area. We’ve now successfully hosted a soft launch in New York City, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco — and KNOW Identity is coming soon to a city near you!  We invite you to participate – either as an attendee or a sponsor – so that these forums serve the identity community’s needs and desire to grow.

KNOW Identity 2020 – Las Vegas

April 5 – 8, 2020 at the MGM Grand

Over the next several weeks, we’ll also be releasing a new series of podcasts, industry interviews, media, blogs, and important updates around how KNOW Identity 2020 in Las Vegas will be our best community event yet. Stay in touch!