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Digital identity might be the reckoning of our time. Studies across the industry show exponential growth in identity management and identity verification. McKinsey predicts identity-verification-as-a-Service to grow to $20 billion by 2022. As digital platforms have expanded, the importance of identity as the modern economy’s backbone went largely unnoticed. Cambridge Analytica became a critical turning point in this narrative, stripping back our preconceived notions of privacy and safety on the Internet. 

As companies race to bring solutions to market, KNOW Identity is the place where people are seeking services and solutions that will improve the ways organizations build safe, secure, and trusted relationships with their users. Here are the top 5 reasons your organization should partner with KNOW Identity 2020: 

Establish brand eminence. We’re in the midst of an identity transformation. Business leaders are waking up to the fact that identity challenges impact the bottom line and are seeking the latest products, solutions, and thought leadership propelling rapid industry growth. Putting your organization at the front and center of this critical global dialogue will create a lasting impact long after the event’s final curtain call.  

Showcase your latest products and solutions. The KNOW Identity Expo Hall is designed to reveal technologies and services that will impact the future of our digital world. KNOW Identity is the opportunity to highlight your organization’s mission, demo the evolution of your product, meet one-on-one with decision-makers, who are on a mission to improve their customer experience and generate new leads! 

Secure time with qualified decision-makers. KNOW Identity is the one event where the big deals get done. Last year, 25% of our attendees were C-Suite executives and another 25% were EVPs, SVPs, or VPs. This year, we are also introducing our Qualified Buyers Program and taking a white-glove approach to networking.  Exhibitors will have a chance to secure vetted one-to-one meetings with decision-makers shopping for solutions. You’ll want to meet the business leaders dropping by your booth at KNOW Identity 2020! 

Become a key industry player. The identity industry is nascent and ripe for movers and shakers. KNOW Identity is a conference that attracts business leaders and is routinely recognized for exceptional content. Exhibiting at KNOW is an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to identify solutions and guide business leaders through the challenges they’re facing. Being involved in a reputable, well-established conference puts you ahead of the pack. 

Make impactful industry connections. This is a unique, tight-knit community where products and solutions are often stronger together.  Aside from deals and decision-makers, KNOW Identity is an opportunity to come together with individuals who share a similar vision for the future of identity. This immersive 4-day event is an invaluable experience to cultivate business relationships and see how you stack up against the competition.  

The data economy is continuing to thrive, digital identity is becoming increasingly important, and companies are looking to establish more trust with their customer base through safe and secure interactions.  KNOW Identity is where partnerships come to fruition, and we would love to have you on board as our partner.