Master of Ceremonies

David Birch, Director of Innovation at Consult Hyperion

Mastercard Keynote Presentation

Charles Walton, SVP of Digital Identity at Mastercard

KNOW Identity 2019 Keynote

Colleen Manaher, Executive Director – Planning, Program Analysis and Evaluation U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Building Blocks for Blockchain Identifiers

Blockchain architects and technical product leads talk about the nitty gritty of distributed identity.

That Thing You Do: Behavioral Biometrics and Predictive Analytics

This panel explores advancements in predictive analytics and behavioral biometrics.

Working With the Feds: Public/Private Collaboration on Digital Identity

This panel focuses on bridging the gap between public and private sectors.

Better Identity in Healthcare

This panel discusses not just the fraud and care consequences of inadequate identity processes, but also the rich opportunities for better diagnostics.

Face/Off Debate: Should Facial Recognition be the Future of Biometrics?

Should identity professionals embrace the face?

Stepping Up Your Fraud Prevention Game

This panel explores the latest trends in fraud behaviors and how emerging technologies can help your business fight back.

CIAM Your Users Won't Hate

Panelists discuss how to craft an effective consumer-facing access management infrastructure that's both flexible enough to facilitate positive user experience and secure enough to head off major security threats.

Face/Off Debate: Should Facial Recognition be the Future of Biometrics?

The gloves are off in this debate about the future of facial recognition technology.